Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy birthday to you...

Last week we celbrated Ryks 2nd birthday! We had a Barney party for him since he is OBSESSED with Barney right now. We celebrated by having a friends party in the morning then a fam party that night. We had a fun bounce house, green and purple treats and lots of fun with the family and friends that we love! Happy birthday to my special little dude, I love him so much!!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

HaPpY 2nd bIrThDaY!!!!

This month...Aug 11th to be exact we will be celebrating our sweet little Ryk's 2nd birthday!!! He is obsessed with Barney right now so unfortunatley we will be having a Barney party! :) (the things we do for our kids)I cant beleive how fast time goes! Oh man I just love my little dude so much! He is so full of life and makes everyday such blessing to have him! I love you so so so much Ryks and wish you the best birthday ever! Happy birthday to my sweetheart! I love you forever and ever!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy red, white, and blue month! Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!
The Stringham's

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Look who's HeRe!!!!

Feb 6, 2011
4lbs 15 oz
5:25 AM

Feb 6, 2011
4lbs 5 oz
5:26 AM

I cant believe that my babies are here! Its crazy to think that my due date isn't for another few weeks and my babes are 1 month old! Holy cow!!! So here's the story...Mike and I had just finished watching a movie on saturday night...well it was Sunday morning...12:30 am. I was having some stomach pain so I jumped in and took a nice warm bath, but the pain didnt really go away. I layed in bed thinking/hoping that the pain would go away, but nope just got worse and worse. I got up and walked around and once again nope that didnt work. So Mike called the on call dr since my dr left the day before for Tahiti (how dare he :) ) he asked me a few questions and before you know it we were on the way to the hospital. When i got to he hospital I was told that i was dialated to a 5 and 90% efaced, so needless to say these babes were coming weather I liked it or not. Londyn, baby b, the little stink was breach so I HAD to have a c-section! OH MY HECK-WORSE thing I have EVER experienced in all 29 years of life! Okay I may be being a little dramatic...but really it was horrible. I didnt feel any pain or anything like that, but it was so claustrophobic, extremley hot and I didnt have my dr! Ill spare the other details, but after being in labor from start to finish of 5 hours our little angels had arrived. Because they were 7 weeks early I delivered them then they were rushed through the windows to other drs and nurses in the NICU. I didnt get to see my little sweethearts until 5:30 that night. Addisyn had to be on oxygen for a day and a half and Londyn was on it for ONLY 3 hours!!! They were in the NICU for exactly 2weeks! Such a miracle! The nurses told me to plan on them NOT going home the same day, but our little champs proved them wrong! We are so thankful that they are here with us and we are the proud parents of now 3 beautiful, healthy, amazing children! We feel so blessed...we ARE so blessed! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

An update...

Two weeks of bed rest finished and hopefully 5 or more to go! Yesterday I was 31 weeks! I ws able to get out of the house for the first time yesterday in 2 weeks to go to my drs appointment! I was so excited to get ready-really ready, smell the fresh air and see the world again :) My drs appoint. went really well! Baby A is weighing 3lbs 13oz and baby b is 3lbs 11 oz! The dr is hopful tha ill mke it to atleast the 34 mark. Ideally he wants me to get to 36 weeks, but 34 is not shabby either! I have to say bed rest isn't as bad as i thought. Obviously i wouldn't want to do this everday but given the sitution things are going pretty well! Mike has been the best help ever! He has really stepped up to the plate in every aspect! He takes care of Ryks, works, makes dinner, goes grocery shopping, cleans the house...and i mean the whole house...toliets, mirrors, vacumns, laundry, sweeps, mops, etc...makes frequent trips to the craft store and after all that still has the patience to put up with me! :) The hardest thing for me is seeing Ryks leave me in the mornings to go to a family members home to be watched. I'm sure he is having the time of his life being with my grandma, sister in law and big cousins, my mom, aunt and Mike's mom but it stll is hard for me since ive always been with my sweet boy! But I know the more I am down the better off the babes will be. Im so grateful for the many family and friends that have either called or come to visit while being down, it sure helps pass time! I have been keeping busy by reading, writing in my journal, listening to books on tape, making file folder games for Ryks, working on my leader personal progress and every now and then getting a nap in! :)So all in all life is good. I'm very thankful for the life I have and to be able to soon meet my precious little sweethearts!(But not too soon) :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The most dreadful words....BED REST!!!!

On Friday January 7th I was told the most depressing 2 words that I new were probably coming my way but still did NOT want to hear...BED REST! I am 29 weeks.Full term for twins is 36 weeks or more so that is the number that we are shooting for. I've already started to dialate so that is why Im on bed rest. I feel awesome physically so its hard to be down when there's still a few things that I would of liked to have gotten done.I hope and pray that these next 7 weeks will go by quickly and that all will be well with our special baby girls!

Friday, November 19, 2010

So BLeSSed & ThankFUL!

With Thanksgiving next week I have been thinking a lot lately of what I am thankful for. Although, I try to reflect on my many blessings daily I thought I might publicly share some of the things that I find to be my GREATEST blessings...
...The gospel...the foundation that it is in my life.
Ryker and for exactly who he is and what he brings to my life and our families life...Oh I just LOVE my little dude SOOOO much!!!!....He makes me so HaPPy!
Mike- someone who is ALWAYS...ALWAYS....ALWAYS looking for the PoSiTiVe in every situation...and is the BEST husband that I could have ever asked for....Love him so much!
Having the ablilty to have kids and especially at this time to be preggo with twin baby gIrLS!!!....
My MoM...my Very Best Friend...someone who I can always count on, someone who's so fun and creative and LOVES life and having fun as much as I do...
My Dad....think I have a lot of energy-he runs circles around me! He is so great with Ryker-he makes an attempt to see "his little guys"(nephews included) as much as possible every week if not every day :) I just love my dad so much....
...Family. I feel so lucky and blessed to have the fun, energetic, close family that I do...we are always doing something fun and making memories together!...
Church calling...I truly feel that being in the Young Womens Presidency is one of the Greatest callings I have ever had...I just love it...!
Friendships...so thankful to be able to have friends in my life who I know I can always turn to and have a good laugh with!...
My health and my families health....so thankful for this.....
Food, shelter, clothes, ability to speak, see, hear, touch, walk, the gift of life and the blessing I have to be alive and share my journey of life with family and friends! I am so blessed. I hope whoever reads this will also be able to reflect on ALL of your many blessings too...we all have so much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

On a side note- we got our 2010 Fall pics taken last week by Melissa Bryner. I love the way they turned out-here our a few of my favorites...